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Our part-time Arabic & Islamic Studies Academy offers 32 courses which can be completed within 2 years!


Consistent gatherings of learning which encourage good suhba (companionship) and seeking knowledge.


Darul Hikmah holds spiritual and educational events throughout the year around Chicago and nationwide.

We offer traditional face-to-face Islamic educational programs for both the part-time and full-time learner!


Our part-time Islamic Studies courses are offered on Saturday mornings. Perfect for the full-time college student and working adult!


Darul Hikmah faculty is easily approachable and strongly believes in making sacred knowledge accessible.


Our faculty includes scholars grounded & informed grounded by both the classical texts & a contemporary context.


Courses are designed for quality learning which manifests through the companionship & association with people of spirituality.

The classes were extremely beneficial and exceptionally accommodating for sisters. The Academy’s format is professional, structured, and very well-organized. The most unique quality of Darul Hikmah is the environment, the teachers, and the staff.

Darul Hikmah houses an environment of good company, with avid learners of the deen benefiting from a group of sincere, learned, and devoted teachers.

Hina SiddiquiInstructor and Student - Darul Qasim

Darul Hikmah has taught me in-depth about the seerah of Muhammad (upon him blessings and peace). I feel it has brought me closer to him and to Allah. I have also learned official rulings on wudu’, salat, hajj, saum, and zakat. I enjoy the opportunity to interact one-on-one with such great scholars.

Brian BeckerQuality Assurance

As a student for almost 2 years now, I have found Darul Hikmah to be a life changing experience. It has increased my knowledge and helped me progress in my relationship with Allah…

The highlight of the program is the rare opportunity to spend time and develop a relationship with our scholars. The scholars really value the teacher student relationship and are willing to work with their students in and out of class.

Amir SiddiquiPhysician

Darul Hikmah has been exactly what I needed, which was going back to the basics. It reminded me of the core basics of Islam and going back to where it all began in such a modern time where we take those things for granted.

I benefitted from Darul Hikmah because it gave me a newfound inspiration when it comes to practicing Islam and it also made me feel closer to Allah. What I best love about Darul Hikmah is the environment,  the hospitality, and the sincerity of the  teachers. Together they form a recipe for excellent learning.

Hana AhmadElementary School Teacher
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